Sunday, January 1, 2017

Don Taylor art

Don Taylor art 

Abstract & Texture Photographs

Abstract & Texture Photography

abstract photography
abstract photography

abstract people photography

surreal photography black and white

abstract nature photography black and white

abstract fashion photography


Friday, December 30, 2016

The dark hedges - Northern Ireland

The dark hedges - Northern Ireland

sunrise at
The Dark Hedges – a Spooky Avenue in Northern Ireland
Bregagh Rd, Ballymoney BT53 8TP, UK

It is the most photographed location in Northern Ireland. Even the wildly popular Game of Thrones has popped over to the Dark Hedges to film a scene at this eerily beautiful road...

What Kind of Traveller are You?

Travel Tips

Portrait editing Skin colors

Portrait editing Skin colors

How to Accurately Match Skin Tones Using Selective Color in Photoshop

Portrait Skin Retouch & Color Editing - EDIT WITH ME!

Indoor Studio Photoshoot with 50MM 1.2

How to edit and color fashion portraits - Photoshop Tutorial

How to Fix Skin tones in Lightroom HSL

Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial - HSL - Hue Saturation and Luminance

Lightroom 6 / CC Tutorial - Tone Curve

Lightroom Tutorial: Intense Matte Edit | Tone Curve and HSL

Lightroom Tutorial: Blend And Retouch Sweet Warm Color Effect

Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorials & Tips
Cole's Classroom

Adobe Lightroom 4 - Tutorial: How to Get Perfect Skin Tones with 3 Clicks!

Skin or face colour in CMYK

Skin by SparkleStock

Skin by SparkleStock - 5 Skin Retouching Actions

The Actions:
– Mattifier
– Skin Airbrushing
– Brighten Eyes
– Redness Reducer
– Clipping Free Contrast

Uploaded on 28 Mar 2013

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Watch this Photoshop video tutorial:

Please watch: "How to Achieve Retro Instagram Effects with Levels or Tone Curves"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tma a KAREL ČAPEK: Objev tmy

Tma a KAREL ČAPEK: Objev tmy

Tma a KAREL ČAPEK: Objev tmy

Vždycky mě poněkud překvapovalo, když jsem četl dejme tomu, že “baba Jaga byla ošklivá jako noc”. Nijak jsem sice nepochyboval o zvláštní ošklivosti baby Jagy, ale nebyl jsem dosti hluboce přesvědčen o zvláštní ošklivosti noci. Naopak, dával jsem noci po mnohých stránkách přednost; považoval jsem ji za mnohem poetičtější nežli třeba třetí hodinu po poledni...

Nedelni fejetony Karla Čapka


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Affinity Photo - Macro recording - Action recording

Affinity Photo - Macro recording - Action recording

Affinity Photo - Macro recording - Action recording

Affinity Photo B&W

Affinity Photo RAW Tutorial - Montana De Oro

Affinity Photo 1.5: Makros + Affinity Photo 1.5: HDR Simulation

Affinity Photo Tutorial For Beginners - Top 10 Things Beginners Want To Know

Affinity Tutorial #18 -Liquify Persona

Heal and Remove Objects in Affinity Photo (4K)

Affinity Photo - Paul bakker   playlist             

Affinity Photo - Lichtstrahlen (English Subtitles)  - Affinity Jack

Affinity Photo - Dampf / Rauch (English Subtitles) - Affinity Jack

Affinity Photo - Foto Optimierung - Staffelhintergrund (English Subtitles)

Affinity Photo - dramatische Landschaft in schwarz & weiß (english subtitles)

"Haut abpudern" in Affinity Photo - Ruediger Schestag

Affinity Photo - Double Exposure (English Subtitles) - Affinity Jack

Double Exposure Effect Tutorial - Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo - Disintegration Effekt (English Subtitles)

How To Install Nik Plugin Collection For Affinity Photo
Nik Plugin Compatibility With Affinity Photo

PhotoVision Video: Wedding Shoot Out, 10 Minute Challenge

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How lens works

How lens works

How Lenses Function (CanonOfficial)

EF Lens Technology Canon Product

Canon vs. Nikon: Why I want to switch to Nikon, but can't fully

The DEATH of the Consumer Camera

Saturday, October 29, 2016

How to edit MilkyWay in LR

How to edit MilkyWay in LR

Lightroom Tutorial: How to edit a milky-way photo in Lightroom 6/CC

LR preset - Stars - Milky Way 01 Basic

Lightroom 6 Tutorial - Edit Star Photos in lightroom CC Tutorial

Landscape Photo Editing Session: Milky Way Panorama Workflow

Panorama astrophotography process (part 1) - an Astrophotobear tutorial

Milky Way Stacking for Noise Reduction

Friday, September 30, 2016

How to edit Photoshop action edit

How to edit  Photoshop action edit

Photoshop Actions: A Complete Guide

How to change an action's step

Photoshop Actions – Editing An Action 

Creating A New Action Set
Moving Action Sets Inside The Actions Palette
Copying And Dragging An Action From One Set To Another

Renaming An Action
Deleting A Step In An Action
Turning Steps On And Off
Turn All Steps On Or Off At Once
Changing An Existing Step In An Action
Toggling Dialog Boxes On And Off In An Action
Adding A New Step To An Action
Changing The Order Of Steps In An Action

How to Edit an Action in Photoshop CS6

Recreating Golden Hour
Re creating Golden Hour

Recreate The Sun In One Click With This Lightroom Preset

Photoshop Actions – The Default Actions

Modifying Adobe Photoshop Action (*.atn) Files

How to Save Actions as Text File From Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial : Using Batch Process in Photoshop CS6 - automate batch - youtube

Automating Photoshop Using Actions

10 Insanely Useful Photoshop Actions Pre-Made For Web Designers

Need action to open save dialog box and STOP there. Help!!

Creating a Photoshop Action - 2008

Creating a Blog image formatting photoshop action

Photoshop CC Tutorial - Fantasy Looks Photo Effect Editing

Photoshop CC Tutorial - Fantasy Sunset Fall Color Effects

70 Useful and Free Photoshop Actions Packs For Photographers

Light Leaks Effect And Lens Flares in Photoshop|Photoshop tutorial-vfxmill

Magic Forest: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

7 Zlozvyků při práci s Photoshopem a jejich náprava

Any way to edit actions in a text/script editor?

The Actions Window    

Loading Actions     Running Actions     Checkmarks and Rectangles     Toggling Dialogs On and Off     Recording/Creating Actions    

How can I resize any image without loosing any quality

In Photoshop, select Image>Image Size...
In the Image Size dialog, first uncheck "Resample Image," then set your document width to 9". (width will change to 13.454, and resolution will bump up to 323.33). Then crop the height down to 12" and you're done. actions - Tagged Questions

Photoshop Collage Action

How to do a collage in Photoshop:Tutorial
Making a Photo Collage with Photoshop

Facebook & Twitter Timeline Cover Montage Action

Facebook & Twitter Timeline Cover Montage Action - download

Facebook & Twitter Timeline Cover Montage Photoshop Action

Enhance Fall Scenes - Photoshop Actions 135

Autumn vintage Photoshop Action by lieveheersbeestje  DevianArt

LOST - Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial youtube - koleje

Photoshop Actions   |   Creative Tutorials

Bluish mist ACTIONS Ps

Redish action by bokehlie  forum


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Milky Way Noise Reduction

Milky Way Noise Reduction

Stars Noise Reduction

Landscape Astro Photography
Tips, techniques and gear for exploring the exciting world of creating starry sky scenic photos

Separate Exposures For Sky And Foreground
Exposure Blending

Milky Way Stacking for Noise Reduction

starry landscape stacker

How to Stack Photos for Epic Milky Way Landscapes

Landscape Photo Editing Session: Milky Way Panorama Workflow

Panorama astrophotography process (part 1) - an Astrophotobear tutorial

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mens ... pose

Mens ... pose

Photographing Men with Jeff Rojas

Photographing Men, By Jeff Rojas

Photography Posing Tips, Doug Gordon Workshops: How to Pose a Male Subject in Photos
- Doug Gordon

Male posing tips - how to photograph a man model - Academy of Photography - Christian Tudor

Female model posing tips

female model posing guide and techniques - see me in action - studio session

The bridal party line up wedding photography posing guide

Reklamy Google 0:04 / 5:22 3 more great posing tips ideas for bride and groom - wedding photography posing guide

Lightroom Library Filters

Lightroom Library Filters

Lightroom Library Filter

LR Library Filters

The Library module has a wealth of tools that are only barely visible, and often overlooked. Watching people using it, many seem to organise things only using the folder list on the left; some use collections as well, but the filtering seems to be pretty much overlooked. I get a terrible case of back-seat-driver-itis watching people paging through hundreds of photos, or stabbing into one folder after another, trying to find some photo or other when all they need to do is think about filtering...

The Metadata Filter

The Text Filter

The Attribute Filter

The “Kind” filter

The Other Filter Bar

Lightroom search

HDR – Highly Dubious Rendering?

LR Virtual Copies  copy

LR Import – Advanced Options